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Labels and Packaging

We've come to end in our series of blog posts about the stages of our manufacturing process! Labels and Packaging are the final touch to your garments before they are complete. Clients can overlook this stage which [...]

Great British Knitwear

At Bridge & Stitch, the majority of projects that we have worked on in the past consist of jersey and woven products as well as cut and sew knitted garments. With a database of over [...]

Make it British Forum

My name is Krystal and I am a new production assistant at Bridge and Stitch Nottingham. A lot of my previous experience has revolved around high street fashion and bridal wear. I have now decided [...]

Trim and Embellishments

Often trims and embellishments are added at the end of production, however sometimes they are applied to the fabric before production begins. We offer a wide range of trims and embellishments, including buttons, ribbons, zips, [...]


Production - when your garments finally get made! We have nearly reached the end of our manufacturing process. All tech packs, fabrics, trims and patterns are sent to the factory for production. Bridge & Stitch [...]


One of our clients has recently launched his lookbook for his brand; Godfidence. We have been working with him on producing a small menswear range of t-shirts and hoodies - although you can see in [...]


Cutting is the final stage before production. This is where your fabric is cut into the pieces which make up your garment before they are sewn together. Once your garment is cut, you can no [...]

Premiere Vision

Last week our director Rachael and I were in wonderful Paris for Premiere Vision AW 17/18 collections. Along with tens of thousands of other textiles/fashion professionals, we arrived at the Parc des Expositions excited to [...]

George’s Time Here at Bridge & Stitch

For the whole of summer, I have been visiting Jenny here as an intern at the Bridge & Stitch Bristol office in Pithay studios. My name is Georgina and I am a Fashion and Textiles [...]