Meet the Manufacturer Seminar: How to make a million with an idea and an old sewing machine

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Throughout the day at meet the manufacturer there were also seminars going on alongside the event, offering tips and advice from their own experience of manufacturing in Britain and looking to inspire others to get involved and Make It British! Kate and Graham Holbrook from Turtle Doves gave some great insight and I thought it [...]

Brexit and the uncertain future for the UK apparel industry

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“Brexit” is everywhere: TV, radio, press, street talks, at home… We are constantly seeing endless debates about its potential repercussions; there are many opinions, but the same question arises in everyone's mind: 'What is going to happen after Brexit?' Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, has said today that the general election, scheduled [...]

Manufacturing From A Material Printers Eyes.

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‘Back in 1987 we created our business because there was a gap in the market for a UK based print industry’. This was because what would have taken China a couple months to turn around would take 2 days in the UK. And the demand for screen-printing in Britain was high. The business started off [...]

Manufacturing in the Modern Day

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I’m Simon, one of the graduates interning at Bridge & Stitch. During my time here we will be visiting different suppliers and manufacturers to check up on how some of the projects are coming along. Whilst we are there we are using the opportunity to learn more about the business, the fashion industry as a [...]

Great British Knitwear

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At Bridge & Stitch, the majority of projects that we have worked on in the past consist of jersey and woven products as well as cut and sew knitted garments. With a database of over 160 factories, which continues to grow, over 20 of these factories specialise in knitwear which can offer fully fashioned knitted [...]

Wullie and his Ultrasonic Knickers!

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On Monday our Director, Rachael, travelled up North to Scotland to visit a family run factory that we have discovered. The factory specialises in laser cutting, heat bonding and sealing, taping, ultrasonic seams and even inventing and developing the machinery for producing and applying the above specialisms.   Armed with the task of taking as [...]

Factory Sourcing

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After your designs have been finalised and fabric has been sourced, we can look into sourcing a factory to produce your garments for you. We send them your tech packs and they provide an estimate on how much production will be. Lead times on receiving quotes is usually 1-2 weeks. Bridge & Stitch has a large [...]

FSB Connect Event

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The FSB Connect group offers networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs looking for a more supportive start-up environment, and for those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter you may have seen our recent posts regarding their upcoming event at which Bridge & Stitch's Director Rachael Hobbs will be speaking. Rachael will be sharing her journey from graduate [...]