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Frequently Asked Questions

50 units per style, per colourway with a total minimum order of 100 units.
We are experts in our field. You have access to all our knowledge and we have a large database of suppliers to ensure that we can meet your every need. Our services free up your time so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business e.g. marketing and designing your next collection. We deal direct with all the factories and suppliers handling all logistics and operations. This is a cost effective, stressfree solution for businesses and individuals. For further information please see the Production Management Guide.
Yes, we have multiple international clients with experience in exporting goods. We also import fabrics and other embellishments where necessary and under the knowledge of our clients.
Yes, all our factories are based in the United Kingdom.
Please see our T&C’s, clause 16 which covers confidentiality. We usually find that this is suitable however if you would still like a NDA signed, we are happy to do so as long as it is a mutual agreement governed by the laws on England.
We are a production management company, not a factory. We therefore work on your behalf to project manage the entire process for you. We need to ensure that our time is covered for this service. Please see the Production Management Guide for further information.
Yes, we can tailor garments to meet your brand’s needs, as either extensions of current collections or as a new product range for brand extension.
No, this is a very specialist area that we do not offer.
Casualwear, sportswear, technical wear, high-end, high-street etc. across menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and babywear. The main areas we cannot do are lingerie, swimwear, made-to-measure and one-off garments.
We have a price guide, though please note all prices vary depending on your project. To view the price guide, please click here.
Yes we do, this offers a range of standardised clothing where you can choose fabrics and include your own branding and embellishments on the garments. This is an entry route into the clothing industry if you would like to reduce your set-up and development costs. Please ask for a Package Deal Booklet for more information.
Approximately £2,500. Please click here for an example of pricing for a bespoke t-shirt project.
Yes, tech packs are vital in ensuring that your garments are made correctly and these are used at various stages of the production process.
For the package deals we have samples that you can see before placing an order. These will need to be returned and will remain the property of Bridge & Stitch. For all custom orders, we will need to produce samples for you.
We have a starting rate of £200 for one style. For more information please get in touch or read our Production Management Guide.
Please see our price guide for information. Click here.
Yes, we can provide approximate price guides from an image, although tech packs will need to be provided to the factory to obtain confirmed quotes.
All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. All prices are subject to VAT and delivery charges. International exports to EU Countries will be zero rated of VAT when a VAT number is submitted. For all non-EU countries, VAT is exempt. Childrenswear production is also VAT exempt for all EU and UK residents.
We are not a factory however we have a database of over 120 factories. We would look at each specific project and decide which factories we felt were most suitable for your project and then contact them for quotes and further information.
Yes there is. There is a starting rate of £200. For more information please contact us.
No we don’t. Our factories and suppliers are our most valuable assets and are the recipe of Bridge & Stitch. It would be unreasonable to expect us to give away our details.
Yes you can do this with your Project Manager at Bridge & Stitch. You will need to sign an agreement to non-circumvention and confidentiality before visiting the factory.

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