Intern Update

As Spring is approaching and new beginnings are starting, its time for us to say goodbye to our interns. We have thoroughly enjoyed having them here, they have been a pleasure to work with. They doubled the size of our team here at Bridge & Stitch and it has created a real buzz in our new office.

Simon came from studying Photography at Nottingham Trent University and has spent a lot of time photographing factories and filming interviews of the employees and interns. This has enabled us to expand our social media platform, especially on Instagram.

“I’ve learnt so much more about a completely different side of the industry and its broadened my horizons in marketing. I was surprised how my skill-set in photography and film were transferable into this job role. Working as part of the Bridge & Stitch team has been enjoyable due to the group being so small and having a social atmosphere. The most interesting part of the internship has been visiting manufacturers and learning about the process of creating fashion.” Simon – Marketing and Branding Development

Enjoyable skill acquired on the internship: Learning how to use Pinterest and how to draw an ampersand.

Sonal studied Interior Architecture and Design at Nottingham Trent University, she has been helping to implement strategies for videos and social media, as well as developing layouts for the different social media platforms, such as Youtube.

“With not having a textiles background, going on factory visits to see how clothes are made has made me appreciate UK manufacturing and how important it is. Working in a small team has been really nice, with graduates from different backgrounds. It’s been nice working in such a close knit community and fitting in so well.” Sonal– Marketing and Branding Development

Most enjoyable part of the internship: Creating the interviews with the Bridge & Stitch employees.

Alice studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University, she has been focusing on putting together a social media handbook and creating website and logo designs for Bridge & Stitch.

“Working on the marketing and branding side has been a really great experience for me as it has allowed me to use my skills that I developed at university. It’s also given me a lot of insight into the production side of the industry through factory visits. It’s been really great working in a small team, everyone has been really lovely and it’s good to get an understanding of everyone’s roles within the business.” Alice– Marketing and Branding Development

Most enjoyable part of the internship: Visiting the factories that manufacture for Bridge & Stitch.

Natalie studied Textiles Design at Nottingham Trent University, she has been working on brand extension, creating fashion collections for a variety of brands, focusing on sports companies.

“Starting the internship as a group of five, instead of individually has been really good as I have got to learn about the backgrounds of the other interns as well as the employees and their roles. I’ve really enjoyed building on my textiles skills and learning more about garment construction and fashion. Everyone at Bridge & Stitch has been really welcoming and I’ve really enjoyed working with the whole team.” Natalie – Fashion Design and Product Developer

Most enjoyable part of the internship: Celebrating Molly’s birthday and sharing the three tier cake Rachael made for her.

Freyja studied Textiles Design at Nottingham Trent University. Like Natalie, she has been working in brand extension creating fashion collections for a variety of companies too, she focused on children’s wear for one of her collections.

“It has been a brilliant experience working at Bridge & Stitch, being part of a small team has enabled me to learn so much about the fashion and manufacturing industry, everyone has been so helpful. I have loved having the opportunity to take lead on our own projects and seeing the journey from ideas to final designs develop and speed up throughout our time here.” Freyja– Fashion Design and Product Developer

Most enjoyable part of the internship: Making the video diaries with the interns, giving us a chance to get to know what we have all been doing in our roles.

We have been lucky enough to extend Natalie’s, Freyja’s and Alice’s internship, we look forward to working with them and our new intern, Claudio, who starts on Monday, watch this space…

It’s fair to say we will be sad to see Simon and Sonal leave. They have done great work for us and they will be missed. We wish them luck for the future and hope to see you soon!

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