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Things To Know About Us

1. Minimum Orders & Sampling

We have kept our minimum order quantities (MOQ) as low as is cost effective for ourselves and our UK factories, which allows us to continue to offer UK manufacturing. Our MOQ per style per colourway is 50 units with a total MOQ of 100 units. We are not a sample house and therefore cannot unfortunately produce samples without a guarantee of a production order.

2. Price & Schedule

We are a detailed orientated company who produce custom, professionally designed, UK made clothing. We work within budgets that realistically allow us to create quality products and manage your project effeciently. Your projects complexity determine the price and lead times.

3. Budget

Budgets are important. As a management company we are here to advise you on what you can afford within your budget to ensure over spending is avoided and that we successfully reach your desired outcome. If you are unwilling to disclose budgets or target prices, it is very difficult for us to advise you on crucial decisions, design choices and product selection.

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