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Project management is a vast service encompassing all aspects of the clothing manufacturing process. Organisation of the logistics and operations of a project can be complex and time consuming. Bridge & Stitch is experienced in dealing with projects fed by multiple suppliers and factories and is able to co-ordinate all aspects of the process.


What Services Do We Offer?

Creating a production manual for the factory:

  • Fabric, embellishment, trims etc
  • Quantities, size breakdowns, ratios
  • Usages of garments, fabric lengths
  • Measurements of the garments, lengths of elastics etc
  • Price
  • Construction methods and all previous feedback from the sampling stages
  • Information of all suppliers, delivery information, lead times and deadlines

Factory visits, communications and relationships:

  • Built up relationships with our factories, understanding of their expertise and skills.
  • Visiting factories whenever needed, throughout the UK – covering our time and cost to travel and be at the factory.
  • Checking and approving the working conditions of the factory and the status of their workers.
  • Communicating throughout the sampling and production process through phone calls, meetings email, messaging and skype calls, from 9– 5pm Monday to Friday with a person on-call throughout the day on Saturday when factories are working over-time

Communicating regularly with the client:

  • General communication via telephone and email about the status of a project
  • Answering any questions that the client may have regarding the process
  • Reacting quickly to any design changes the client makes
  • Advising on their project – using our expertise and skill set
  • Notifying the client of any problems, delays or issues at the factory
  • Working on behalf of the client to get the best deals possible and advising them on decisions made

Project Management:

  • Correspondence between the client and the factory
  • Arranging all samples, discussing changes, reverting back to the factory
  • Creating critical paths
  • Ordering all fabrics, components and trims
  • Communication between the factory and all the suppliers involved in the chain
  • Logistics and operational tasks of the ordering, distribution and transportation of fabrics, trims, embellishments, garment panels, samples and final products
  • ‘Go-to’ contact for factories and suppliers when they have questions related to the production of the garments so that clients are not contacted throughout the day, every day during production.
  • Resolving small issues or problems without having to concern the client
  • Communicator for the factory and suppliers when there are any delays, issues or problems. Bridge & Stitch will work to resolve these problems, find a solution or suggest a resolution on behalf of the client to ensure that any issues are dealt with efficiently and correctly.Access to our expertise, industrial no-how and general experience of the production process


We operate a fully integrated management system which enables our team to speak to their contacts directly, managing your project effectively and building long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers that are founded on trust.

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