Bridge & Stitch talk at Thirsty Thursday

Last Thursday saw business owners, budding entrepreneurs and ambitious students come together at Thirsty Thursday, an inspirational networking event run by The Hive at Antenna.

It was brilliant to be able to hear first hand what is involved in setting up your own business. Rachael Hobbs, founder of Bridge & Stitch, gave a brilliant talk all about  what Bridge & Stitch do, how she and the business have evolved, and her experiences over the years. She underlined the importance of finding your unique selling point and working (very, very) hard towards achieving your goals as a business. We heard, from Rachael and also just from how business is booming, how rewarding the whole experience has been and continues to be. She highlighted her time with The Hive, describing how they supported her from idea to reality, in all aspects of her business. Rachael has been overwhelmed by the response she has received and the success of the evening.

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It is always great to learn about other types of businesses, so hearing from Marc Wileman, founder of Sublime Science, was really interesting. Sublime science focus on making slime, launching rockets, and just generally making science fun for kids. So thank you Marc for an Inspiring presentation (check out more info here!)

Marc Wileman talking about his company Sublime Science

Marc Wileman talking about his company Sublime Science

Thirsty Thursdays is a popular, free event set up and run by The Hive, helping Nottingham’s budding entrepreneurs to translate their business aspirations into reality. It also provides an opportunity to hear successful young entrepreneurs recount their own experiences, and everyone has the opportunity to network afterwards over drinks and a buffet. Antenna provided a brilliant, social setting which gave the evening a relaxed vibe. Very excited to hear what next years Thirsty Thursday’s inspirational success stories will be!

Interested in running your own business? To find out more about The Hive and how it can help you, check out the website here. 

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